We are Maena

We are a 100% Mexican company that offers a complete solution for the manufacture of die-cut parts. We define ourselves as a "one stop shop" company, given that, from the design of a metallic part, the pieces that our clients request us are developed.

  • - Design of the manufacturing process

  • - Tooling design

  • - Tooling manufacture

  • - Development of the project with automotive standards

  • - Production of the part

  • - Assemblies of components and finishes

  • - Packing and shipping to the customer

  • - After-sales service

Maena's story

our history

Founded in 1972 by a group of visionaries committed to the country and society, and with 100% Mexican capital, Maena is a company that is expanding thanks to its competitive business model.

our history

Our mission is to stamp parts for original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers offering excellent customer service, flexibility in processes, competitive prices.
Generate with this economic benefit for all our employees.

our history

Our vision is to be a company of excellence, exceed the expectations of our customers, take care of the environment, to have committed employees.

our history

At Maena, we are committed to our customers. We have the trained personnel and the adequate infrastructure to provide the service that our clients deserve.


Is commitment of all the collaborators of "Maquinados y Estampados Nacionales Automotrices S.A. de C.V." to get the continuos improvement being productive, orderer and constant to comply the negotiated requirements with our customers and fullfill the expectations of collaborators and shareholders.

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